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Remote Access

Designing, implementing, and managing a remote access solution correctly is complex, and should never be done by inexperienced IT staff. If configuration is done incorrectly, a remote access system can be slow, require unplanned additional hardware or licences, and be an administration bottleneck. Worse, a badly configured or managed remote access system can totally compromise your organisations' security. Often in-house IT staff overlook or underestimate the time needed to prepare and test a remote access solution, leading to overspend and missed deadlines.

Iconic IT have extensive experience of designing, installing, configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting IPSEC and SSL VPN,  and Citrix secure remote access systems.

VPN solutions

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows organisations to extend the corporate LAN to remote offices,  branch offices, home and mobile workers via any internet connection. VPN solutions work by encrypting data as it traverses the Internet, and by requiring additional authentication. Once authenticated, a user is able to work as though they were at their desk.
Iconic provide VPN solutions from Cisco/CheckPoint, Celectix, and Stonewall.

Thin Client Solutions

A thin client is a software program (or an actual stripped-down computer) that connects to another computer which runs an application on the users´┐Ż behalf. Iconic support Citrix Thin Client architectures.

Citrix allows businesses to:

  • Operate branch offices without needing to install and manage additional servers at the branch.
  • Control what users can do and which applications they can access, irrespective of what is installed on their physical PC
  • Manage access to expensive, specialist software licenses
  • Overcome the slowness of low-bandwidth connections
  • Reduce IT staff and server hosting costs by having all servers in one physical place

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