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Citrix Branch Repeater

Citrix Branch Repeater

Citrix Branch Repeater is a WAN optimisation solution which is used to accelerate application, desktop and data delivery to branch office and mobile users. Without altering the current network infrastructure, Branch Repeater appliances also reduce WAN bandwidth requirements. Once in place, appliances automatically discover other appliances on the network and tune themselves to optimise WAN links based on network conditions, data flows and applications used.

While Citrix Branch Repeater does optimise use of WAN links, focus is given to improving an end users experience when using virtual applications, virtual desktops and multimedia. SmartAcceleration technology is used to deliver a high quality of experience (QoE) and availability while reducing bandwidth consumption. Management is simple and IT is given granular visibility of the enhanced prioritisation and control of this traffic.

Why use Branch Repeater?

Only Branch Repeater provides the ability to fully accelerate, control and prioritise XenApp and XenDesktop service traffic that traverses the WAN. HDX (ICA) connections to branches are identified and prioritised based on branch office locations, desktop groups and published applications. Branch Repeater provides local caching and de-duplication of data across multiple XenDesktop and XenApp sessions. In conjunction with XenApp and XenDesktop, Branch Repeater also senses real-time network and traffic conditions and adapts to provide optimal delivery to branch offices. This allows IT to support more users in each branch office without upgrading WAN bandwidth.

SmartAcceleration technology accelerates the delivery of desktops, applications, multimedia and other data. Traffic is prioritised and shaped service based on granular policies to deliver the best user experience. Branch office and mobile users can experience LAN-like access to all services and resources across the WAN.

Consolidate services to the datacentre from the branch office to simplify remote branch office IT management. The Branch Repeater VPX virtual appliance can be used to reduce server hardware footprint. An integrated branch acceleration appliance which includes essential Windows services (file, print, DHCP, DNS, WINS, Domain Controller, Active Directory and DFS) can be deployed at the branch office to replace existing server hardware to reduce maintenance costs.

Citrix NetScaler ADC

Citrix Netscaler ADC

Citrix NetScaler ADC is an all-in-one service and application delivery solution that accelerates application performance, increases application availability and improves application security. NetScaler ADC integrates multiple capabilities such as L4 - L7 switching, SSL acceleration, application firewall, load balancing, caching and performance monitoring into a single solution.

Why use NetScaler ADC?

Citrix NetScaler ADC makes applications and remote services run five times better by offloading work from application and database servers, accelerating application and service performance, and integrating security. Deployed in front of web and database servers, NetScaler ADC load balances and content switches traffic, compresses data, caches content, accelerates SSL, optimises network protocols, and applies application security. This enables easier deployment, a single point of management and significant cost savings


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